Snow on 15th St. Denver Watercolor Painting

When we get a snowstorm in Denver that sticks to the trees, lamp posts, and everything else, I grab my camera and sketch book and head downtown. Winter cityscapes make exciting subject matter and a blanket of snow really helps to simplify the composition. The big building on the left is the old public service building and at night it lights up in the most beautiful way. I chose this vantage point because I could balance the public service building with the lamp post and snow covered tree on the right. I enjoy painting snow because it reflects the colors around it and I can use the pastel colors on my palette and lots of soft edges. I saved most of the rich colors, value changes, and det

Quiet Morning Venice Watercolor Painting

I am currently teaching a workshop at the Art Students League of Denver titled “Paint Venice with Dennis” and each evening we work on different things like windows and doors,water reflections, bridges gondolas, etc. This is one of the more quiet locations in Venice which you can find if you wonder off the main tourist walkways. To give the impression of an overcast afternoon I left out cast shadows and used more somber colors. This was painted on toned paper because it gives an overall tone to the whole painting. If I was painting a bright sunny day I would have used traditional white watercolor paper. I sometimes think that Venice was created with watercolor painters in mind. The dar

Still Life Watercolor Painting

I did this painting as a demonstration for the Louisville Art Center in Louisville Colorado in preparation for a still life workshop that I am doing there September 22, 23, and 24. I had one hour to complete the painting so I was working really fast. I was answering questions from the audience at the same time so I was forced to use both sides of my brain. Painting under a time restriction can be challenging and fun at the same time and I was happy with the results. I was intent on keeping the colors clean and crisp so I had to make sure my palette was clean and I had to gage the drying time of the different colors. I wanted some of the colors to merge together, such as the apple and th

The Coliseum In Rome Watercolor Painting

First, welcome to the students in my new Introduction To Painting In Watercolor Class at the Art Students League of Denver. You are embarking on a journey that can enrich your lives with new challenges and great rewards. Before anyone sends me a message and tells me how much they love this painting I must confess that I copied if from a Trevor Chamberlin Watercolor Book. I tell my students all the time that one of the best ways to learn about painting is to copy a painting by an artist that they admire. In this case I learned a lot about how Trevor Chamberlin applies washes, his choice of colors, and how he decided what to include in his composition. After I finished this painting I visi

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