On the Way To The Hot Springs Watercolor Painting

On the Way To The Hot Springs Watercolor Painting The Beauty Of The Rockies I am going up to Steamboat Springs Colorado in a couple weeks to teach a watercolor workshop. I lived there for 10 years and so it will be like going home again. I will be taking some new paintings to the Wild Horse Gallery and this one was painted from memory. Aspen trees are a fascinating subject because of the white bark and dark markings and all the reflected color in the forest. I took a few liberties with color by adding pastel colors such as pink, cerulean blue, and cobalt violet. Painting from memory is a great exercise and it gives me a sense of freedom because I am not restricted by what I see. In the a

Old Brick Victorian Watercolor Painting

Beautiful Day For Painting Outside Today I met up with one of my students at a small intercity park which is lined with beautiful old victorian houses and big shade trees. It was a private lesson and we chose this brick victorian as our subject. The weather was hot but we stayed in the shade and there was a very pleasant gentle breeze. With absolutely no humidity our watercolors were drying so fast that it resulted in a lot of unexpected hard edges and extra color mixing. It was such a gorgeous day we didn’t mind and I was pleased with both our paintings. Most of the house was in shadow except for a few areas on the lawn, steps and walkway and the roof so I used a lot of rich darks which I l

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