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If you have an artist in your life, giving them the gift of art is always a good idea! Dennis Pendleton offers Watercolor Workshops and Classes year-round, and they make a great gift for the experienced or aspiring artist in your life. The Watercolor Workshops and Classes are the gift of time to make art – the Workshops are all day classes and artists usually complete 1-3 paintings every day! It's a great way to get better at painting in Watercolor. The more you paint, the better you get! Here are a few workshops and lessons that gift certificates are available for: Steamboat Springs Watercolor Workshop August 15, 16, & 17, 2019 • Friday, Saturday, Sunday Workshop Learn more » Taos Waterc

Watercolor Advantages

Here are ten reasons I like working in watercolor. 1. Non Toxic: you are using water not oil and there is no odor 2. Very Portable: there are really nice travel kits available or you can put your own together 3. Very Affordable compared to other mediums 4. Great for Recording Travels: you can use your small travel kit to record memories 5. Watercolor has a freshness, spontaneity, and delicate, luminous quality that you can not get with other mediums 6. Very Easily Cleanup: all you need is water and paper towel 7. Watercolor Paint can be used over and over if you have a lid on your palette and a spray bottle. 8. Watercolor Paintings Dry Quickly, within minutes

Small Gems #3

Previously we talked about why and how to start collecting. Now the question is, "Can I afford to collect art?" It doesn't have to be expensive but, in this case size does matter. Over the past couple of years, I have set aside "small gems" which were demos and plein air paintings that I wanted to hold on to and learn from. I am offering these paintings at a very reasonable price for five days only! After which they return to their normal price. To view these paintings, click here. These original one of a kind paintings present the opportunity to start or add to your collection. There is a thrill in the search for each new piece you acquire. If a piece of artwork means something t

Small Gems #2

Now you have some ideas about how fun it can be to collect art. So, "How do I get started collecting?" Alway purchase original artwork and this can be less expensive than you think. Consider collecting from a living artist which also gives you the thrill of following their career and collecting memorabilia about their life i.e. articles, books, notes, and letters. It is always more meaningful if you have met the artist. Organizing art collections around a theme is a good option. For example, there are many people that collect my plein air paintings. I have a friend who collects paintings of places she has been or places she would enjoy visiting - this keeps her planning trips. Having

Small Gems #1

As someone who has been an artist for my entire life and taught art classes for 30 years, I often get the question, "Why should I collet art?" Much pleasure can be gained from finding that "rare" painting, especially if you can pick it up for a bargain price. Owning art is a creative process in itself. But, how do you know what to buy? First and foremost, you collect art because you love and resonate with it. There are many other benefits too. Paintings you purchase can inspire your creative side. You can reveal and express your personality. Many of you are already painting and attend workshops with artists you admire. This presents the opportunity to collect works that you saw crea

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