Summer In The Garden

Botanic Gardens in Denver is gorgeous right now and subject matter for painting is in abundance. I have a Watercolor Workshop scheduled for July 12, 13 & 14. The workshop is filling up and if you are interested send me an email to You can sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 days and the prices are: 1 day $90, 2 days $160, and all 3 days $210. This painting of hollyhocks was done as a demonstration for a workshop last summer in the gardens. I choose three hollyhocks because odd numbers are pleasing to the eye. A watered down version of lemon yellow was used and for the centers of the flowers I added violet which is the complement of yellow. The big hollyhock leaves are

A Favorite Painting

This is a favorite painting of mine which I have kept in my own collection. It is from a painting trip to Venice a few years ago and it brings back wonderful memories. The strength of the composition is the three simple vertical shapes. The first one is the left half of the painting which includes the building and the dark area of the canal water in shadow. The second shape is the light struck area which slices through the center of the painting from top to bottom and the third shape is the wall and water in shadow on the right which includes the gondola. These three shapes create a direct impact which can be seen from a distance. I used a mixture 0f cobalt violet, yellow ochre, and mi

Painting On Location

Plein air painting remains one of my favorite things to do and this painting was done as a demonstration at one of my plein air workshops. The white picket fence was surrounded by flowers and other plants and the colors and sunlight were intoxicating. I used my view finder to narrow the subject matter down to this composition, did a simple contour drawing, and began painting. The fence post with the roses intrigued me the most so I started there. With so much green I often add more flowers than I actually see. With the roses carefully painted next to the fence post I was able to suggest other flowers with simple bits of color. I enjoy this more than painting every flower with equal imp

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