Capturing Sunlight

This painting was done several years ago in Steamboat Springs Colorado and looking at it again brings back some wonderful memories. The cattle were curious as I walked up to take their pictures and I had a good time recreating their expressions. One of my main concerns was capturing the sunlight as it filtered through the treetops. I used warmer yellow greens for the leaves with a few cool accents of blue green. In the foreground grasses I used cooler colors with a few warm accents. The aspens are a combination of white paper, yellow ocher, warm gray, violet, and cerulean blue. When I first painted this I was not satisfied with the foreground so I wiped it out with a wet sponge and t

Watercolor Days at Meiningers

This Saturday is "WatercolorDays" at Meiningers Art Supply on South Broadway in Denver. There will be classes, new watercolor supplies, supplies you can try to see if you like them, watercolor artists, coupons for discounts, and more. I will be teaching a beginners watercolor class and I will have lots of watercolor paintings at discounted prices. This is National Watercolor Month so come to Meiningers and join the fun. Make sure you look me up and say hello. In regard to the painting above: It is from one of my favorite places to paint in the aspen groves in the Yampa Valley in Steamboat Springs. The white aspen trunks are not really white because of scaring, pealing bark, natural co

Plein Air Painting at Botanic Gardens

I just spent the last three days teaching a watercolor class in Denver Botanic Gardens and I am throughly delighted with the results. Watching everyone improve from one day to the next was really rewarding and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the workshop. At the end of of each day we had a critique and discussed each painting with 4 different things in mind. 1. Color: Are the colors presented clearly without getting muddy. Is there an interesting combination of warm and cool colors? Did the artist use a color scheme such as complimentary colors? 2. Values: Is there a value range from light to dark and are values used to emphasize certain part

Introduction to Watercolor Basics Class at Meiningers in Denver

INTRODUCTION TO WATERCOLOR BASICS with Dennis Pendleton SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1-4pm Join me at Meiningers Art Supply during Watercolor Days and discover the spontaneity and magical qualities of watercolor. Experience a variety of watercolor techniques including brushwork, mixing rich beautiful colors, dry brush, wet into wet, etc. Using flowers as your subject, you will create a painting through sequential instruction with my guidance. Supplies will be provided and all you need to bring is your enthusiasm. FOR THE CLASS: Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Age Level: 16 years plus Class Size: 12 Class Fee: $125 (online only) Register By: Friday, July 19 Included with Class Fee: ALL materials

Van Gogh's Favorite Color

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh's favorite color was yellow? Because watercolors are often painted from light to dark, yellow is often the first color the artist starts with. Yellow is a lively color and it can be warm or cool. For example, lemon yellow is cool and cadmium yellow is warm. Other yellows that I have on my palette are transparent yellow, and yellow ochre. I often think about Vincent when I am painting in Botanic Gardens and how much he loved painting flowers. In this painting, I did start with the yellow flowers and, because they were the same color and the same size, I had to figure out ways to make each one a little different. I overlapped some of them, altered the

Inspired By A Master

The email that I sent out last week inspired a number of comments and questions so I decided to continue the discussion on doing large watercolor paintings. I was inspired to work in this large format after visiting a show by master artist Joseph Raffael. The realization that watercolors could be done this large was a revelation. In answer to the questions I received, the paper can be purchased in 11 yard rolls and I simply cut off what ever size I want to use. I use the same brushes and palette with the addition of a butchers tray for large washes. The paper is cold press 140 pound and it tends to buckle when working this large so I weight down areas that I am working on. This painti

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