Transformation - Small Gems #3

In the last two emails we talked about how a painting can speak to you and tell a story. No one buys a painting to look at it only once. Paintings require an investment of time to be fully appreciated. Over the past year, I have set aside "small gems" which were demos and plein air paintings and each one has its own story which I will provide in a handwritten letter for each painting that is sold. I am offering these paintings at a very reasonable price for five days only! After which they return to their normal price. To view these paintings, go to my website under Paintings For Sale. This painting, "Botanic Gardens" Item #043, is included in the collection being offered for sale. I

Storytelling - Small Gems #2

How can a painting tell a story? When an artist paints, the stage is set similar to the way a writer begins a book. The story for this painting, "Front Yard in Steamboat Springs," began when I observed this large tree creating a canopy over the white picket fence. It reminded me of bygone days when playing in the yard under a shade tree and I wanted to convey that memory in this watercolor. I made the tree the main character as it dominates everything with its branches and cast shadows. When purchasing from an artist, you get more than just a painting. You get a moment of the artist's life. If you can obtain any memorabilia, like a letter, from the artist that also enhances the value

Talking Paintings - Small Gems I

Do you know why a painting speaks to you? Initially you are captivated by the visual power. Whether or not you have been to a location like Venice, an artist can take you there vicariously as you share the experience. Painters make deliberate decisions to convey feeling and meaning in their work. For the painting, "Afternoon In Venice," I created a melancholy mood as much by what I left out as what I included. The reflections in the water and the absence of people add to the feeling of solitude. A plein air painting can also speak to you because it represents the artist's first impression. There is a spontaneity and sense of place and weather that comes from working on location. Anot

Water Reflections

On a painting trip to France, I visited the little town of Honfleur with its beautiful harbor that has attracted so many of my favorite artists. It was the paintings of Donald Teague, the great American watercolorist, that inspired me to include this town on my trip. I found the gorgeous harbor with all its colors exciting and, at the same time, overwhelming so I decided to use the complementary color scheme of blue-green and red-orange. This allowed me to focus and simplify rather than try to capture every color and every detail. The water reflections were captivating and a very light breeze kept them from being an exact mirror image. When painting a very light color like the white bo


After just finishing my workshop "The Art of Color: Choosing Colors That Work Together," I wanted to do a painting with a particular color scheme. For this Autumn Bouquet, I decided to use a dual color scheme, also known as a tetradic color scheme. The colors for this scheme form a rectangle on the color wheel. In this painting, I used red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, and blue-green. With these four colors I chose not to let one dominate but rather create equal tension between all the colors. This works particularly well for floral arrangements because of all the rich colors. One excellent way to create harmonious paintings is through the use of different color schemes. Reading

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