Hollyhocks At The Window

Hollyhocks grow in abundance in the high desert of Taos New Mexico and they are one of my favorite subjects to paint. In this case they show up nicely against the dark windows. Lighter colors like these hollyhocks appear to have more weight when they are surrounded by rich darks. Also, the green window awning and the green leaves complement the red and pink colors of the flowers adding to there importance. The door and the windows are strong geometric shapes which are counterbalanced by the loose and irregular painting of the hollyhocks. The Taos sunlight is famous among artists and the light and shadow on this adobe home were created by different values of the same mixture of cobalt vi

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Get free watercolor lessons each week from artist Dennis Pendleton. Dennis Pendleton is a watercolor artist in Denver, Colorado. In addition to teaching Watercolor Workshops and Classes, Dennis offers online Watercolor Tutorial videos about values, brushstrokes, choosing and mixing colors, plus lots of other great watercolor tips. Each week, Dennis sends out an email with watercolor painting tips, upcoming watercolor class and workshop information, and other watercolor related news. Make sure to signup today to get inspired each week.

Taos In Watercolor 2020

May 18 - May 22, 2020 Warm-Up Session: April 18th (tentative date) Workshop Price: $475.00 (Instruction Only) $500.00 If you sign up after January 15, 2020 Immerse yourself for 5 days in this painter's paradise with the inspiring adobe architecture, desert vistas, and legendary colors of New Mexico. All of this just steps away from your bedroom at Mabel Dodge Luhan House where you will enjoy a daily complimentary buffet breakfast. To prepare for your adventures painting outside, Dennis Pendleton will conduct a stimulating warm-up session one month prior to the trip. At this meeting, beginners particularly will benefit by practicing valuable lessons on value, color, and contour drawing. E

Painting Weather

Capturing the weather in watercolor can be an interesting challenge. This is a view along the Seine from one of the bridges in Paris right after it rained. I used lots of soft edges and some dripping paint to help achieve the damp atmospheric effect that I wanted. Leaving out any hard edges in the trees and keeping the values close together caused them to look like they were heavy with moisture. Breaking up the water reflections with ripples and soft edges on the hulls of the boats gave the effect of a light breeze. For a sunny day I would have left more pure white paper on the white boat but here I used a light gray to create a thicker atmosphere. The weather is constantly changing in

My Bedroom In Tuscany

This is a painting of one of the bedrooms from a workshop I taught in Tuscany Italy. My first attraction was how the sunlight flooded through the window and how the lamps caused such interesting cast shadows on the walls. Lemon yellow and yellow ochre were used for the walls and I added violet to the mixture for the cast shadows. It is the artist's job to make changes to better represent what they see and I used the same colors for the electric heater, lamps, and shutters to simplify the painting and hold the different elements together. Notice how the large wooden posts in the headboard lead you back into the painting and are then repeated in the shape of the standing lamp. The white b

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