Is This A Forgery?

I have always been intrigued by the watercolor paintings of Taos artist Tom Nobel and I decided to copy this painting of his and several others to learn more about his unique style. Tom lived in Taos and managed to capture the enchantment of New Mexico in a very special way. While painting this I got the strong feeling that he must have loved the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent's nocturnal paintings have similar dark starry skies and also include different shades of lime green. The arrangement of the flying birds and their large size which places them forward in the composition creates an ominous and foreboding feeling which is very compelling. I learned a lot about Tom's color choice


I choose this painting from my large floral collection because I can't look at it without smiling. Wild roses have their own special essence. They are beautiful and classic flowers that inspire poets, writers, composers, and artists. In watercolor painting, the white of the paper is used instead of white paint so I had to carefully work around the roses. Depth and modeling were created with light shades of cobalt violet, lemon yellow, cerulean blue, and orange. I rearranged the branches so that they moved inward like the spokes of a wheel and directed the viewers eye. Turning a flat piece of watercolor paper into a painting full of depth is always a challenge so I painted some of the

Happy Holidays!

This bouquet is my way of wishing everyone Happy Holidays. I started with the biggest white daisy, which is mainly white paper, and created it by painting the surrounding colors. When I painted the other daisies, I made sure they were smaller, displayed from different angles, and contained less pure white. The lacy pink flowers were interesting to paint and I used small brush strokes, broken lines for stems, spattering and some untouched white paper. Then I created their shapes by painting a light color around their edges and faded that into the background. It's not a good idea to have everything equally important so some of the flowers are suggested by simple brushstrokes of rich color

Victorian Interior

The Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver serves High Tea in the afternoon and I found this scene irresistible. I actually asked the waiter not to clear the dishes from the table in front until I was finished with my pencil sketches and photo's. The title of this painting is Conversation At High Tea and the focal point is the actual conversation between the three ladies. Including the table in front with the white dishes creates an intimacy for the figures because they are surrounded by the things that make the Brown Palace famous like tall cut glass lamps, large plants, antique furniture, white dishes, and three tier desert trays. The biggest challenge for me when painting interiors is

Snow Changes Everything

Our recent snowstorms in Denver have reminded me how snow can be a great unifier in a painting. I have walked past this location many times in downtown Denver and, finally seeing it covered with snow, made me realize it could make an interesting painting. The blanket of white covered so many unnecessary details and simplified the scene. The current Claude Monet show at the Denver Art Museum explains how he struggled to capture all the reflected colors in snow rather than just painting it pure white. In this painting I used pastel shades of cerulean blue, rose dore, yellow ochre, cobalt violet, warm and cool grays, and cool green as well as white paper to catch the subtle beauty of the s

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