Rhythm In Repetition

This was painted in the little "hippie" town of Arroyo Secco just a couple miles outside of Taos New Mexico. It is one of the favorite painting sights for my annual Taos Watercolor Workshop in late May. I have painted this old adobe mission many times from different viewpoints and different times of day and yet every year I see it as another interesting composition. Revisiting the same location is like visiting an old friend, familiar and yet inspiring, This was an overcast day and I captured the mood with soft edges of blue and gray in the sky and only a suggestion of shadow shapes. If you look at this painting in terms of shapes you will see a repetition of triangles. The evergreen t

Orange Zest

Painting in someplace like Denver Botanic Gardens can be overwhelming and it helps to simplify the process by using a viewer and a color scheme. Firs,t use the viewer to zoom in on different areas and eliminate surrounding details. This orange flower was surrounded by hundreds of other flowers and the viewer allowed me to isolate it and decide what else to include and what to leave out to make an interesting composition. Orange and blue are complimentary colors and the small blue flowers inspired me to use a complimentary color scheme. Now, with my composition and color scheme set, I was able to start painting with confidence. I used number 8 and number 12 round watercolor brushes load

Painting a Nocturnal Scene

Previously I sent out a copy I made of a Tom Noble painting and talked about how copying an artist's work is a great way to learn. You then need to apply what you learned to a your own work and that is what I did in this painting. These old adobe buildings which are next door to the historic church San Francisco de Asis in Taos are a favorite subject of mine and I have painted them many times but never as a night scene. Inspired by Tom's painting, I used colors that I would not have thought of like lime green and orange. One key to a nocturnal is the lighting and I set the light on the adobe to move the viewer's eye in a way that would enhance the flight of the birds. The dark star-lit

Painting Twilight

The last time I was in Paris I stayed in Montmartre which is the famous art district where so many artists, like Lautrec, Picasso, and Chagall, lived and worked. Because I stayed there, I was able to see the neighborhood in evening light and that is what inspired this painting "Evening In Montmartre." With it's cobblestone streets, stunning Basilica, artists, bistros...Montmartre is full of charm! This street which leads to the carousel at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the Sacre Coeur Basilica was stunning in the evening light. The shop lights and windows, neon signs, and crowds of people, were bathed in a pink afterglow that lasted only a few minutes and most of this painting

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