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As painters, it is often hard to paint things that look loose and spontaneous with a minimal amount of brushstrokes and have everything in the right place with good values, color and shapes. In an effort to perfect a painting, we can lose the freshness and end up overworking the piece with too many details, fixing things over and over, and over mixing. - Are your paintings tight and controlled? - Can you paint enough to communicate to the viewer but not too much? - Do you want a loose way of working realistically? - Do you want your paintings to burst with expression that is unique to you? I am teaching a on day ONLINE ZOOM workshop titled, "The Art of Painting Loose: Free Up Your Painting

Lost In The Garden

When I do a painting like this I like to think the viewer can look into it and get lost among the flowers. When I am painting, I try to forget about the distractions around me and, if I am demonstrating, I often forget about the people watching as my mind and creative spirit get lost in the process. Here I started with the pink flowers, placed them slightly off center and surrounded them with rich darks of perylene green. The thin vertical red flowers directly above them added balance and color harmony to the composition. Above the tall red flowers the spattering and visible brush strokes create an abstract area which is interesting without competing with the dominate pink flowers. I enj

Loose and Expressive

The most common question I get from my students is "How do I loosen up my watercolor paintings?" There is no single answer to this question because it is a process that can be learned through several steps and practices. Starting with how you look at your subject, next a loose drawing where some areas are only suggested, followed by painting techniques that show the artist at work. Next week I will be announcing my brand new exciting workshop "The Art Of Painting Loose: Free Up Your Painting" which will be offered ONLINE. This will be a continuation of my one-day workshops that I started last year. Each topic is independent of the others so you do not need to have taken the previous one

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