Wild Enchantment

I recently came into possession of some pictures of paintings that I did several years ago and this is one of them. It is the front yard garden of Rod Goebel's home and studio in Taos, New Mexico. Rod was a legendary artist who created a spectacular garden designed for painting. I was one of very few artists that Rod invited into his garden and I always felt like it was an honor to paint there. The yellow-orange lilies against the blue delphiniums was part of his plan and I loved the way these two complimentary colors created color excitement. This is a large watercolor, 22 x 30, that I worked on for several days both outside and in Rod's studio. When I find a special subject like this,

Nostalgic Subject

We came across this scene on the third day of my Steamboat Springs Plein Air Workshop. The setting was perfect - this old cabin with the pink hollyhocks growing up the side. Surrounded by aspen trees, pine trees, and tall grasses, it was so tempting to include everything but that can be problematic when painting on location because the light is always changing and your time is limited. I asked myself what attracted me to this subject in the first place? It was the gorgeous hollyhocks against the old weathered wood of the cabin so I narrowed my focus down to just that. Now I had a subject that I could complete before there was a dramatic change in the sunlight. I also knew that I could

Breaking The Rules

Different fences not only add character to your property they are fun to include in a painting. Plein air painting is something I can do during the pandemic and unlike before, passers-by don't come up to see what I am doing. This is a little painting I did in the old town of Louisville, Colorado. I was attracted by how the flowers, especially the roses, were climbing all over the fence. Starting with the pink roses against the white picket fence, I surrounded them with rich darks so that they would command attention. I thought of Claude Monet and how he loved using pink and green next to each other in his flower garden paintings. It is unusual to have a focal point right in the center o

The Sleeping Giant

Last week I taught a plein air workshop in Steamboat Springs and I painted this in the early afternoon of the second day. It was cloudy and misty and, along with the joy of painting, it was fun to watch the changing sky. This timeless view of sleeping giant mountain has always fascinated me because you see land leading up to the giant that remains open and undeveloped. Because I lived in Steamboat Springs for ten years, I have seen the sleeping giant in all the different seasons and, in the winter when it snows, he appears to be sleeping under a white blanket. I started with the sky using a very wet brush and different shades of gray to capture the moving clouds. Because the sky kept cha


I am teaching workshops on loose painting so I thought that would be a good subject for this email. This is a large painting of 17th Street in downtown Denver and it contains all the different things that I talk about in the workshop. First you should know that this is a mixed media painting. It started as a monotype where I used printers inks on a sheet of plexiglass and then transferred the image onto paper by running it through a press. I was deliberately not to careful about applying the paint because I wanted some "accidents" to happen when the image when through the press. You can see where some lines were smeared and other colors were pushed together. After the monotype was dry I

Denver Art Classes 2020

Get creative this fall with some art classes at the Denver Art Student's League! My name is Dennis Pendleton, and I am a local Watercolor Artist, having taught at the ASLD for many years. Join us this fall for new online courses or in-person classes, we'll be sure to wear masks and have good social distancing in place in our art classes. If you live far away, or are quarantining, I'd love to have you join my new online art classes in watercolor – which will allow you to get creative at home, and get valuable feedback, tutorials and friendly class critiques so you can develop your watercolor painting skills! Below are my upcoming Classes and Workshops I teach at the Denver Art Students Leag

Support the Steamboat Art Museum

Above, artist Dennis Pendleton talks about how we can all help support the Steamboat Art Museum this year! For every dollar that the museum receives, the SAM Board will match up to $10,000. What about your membership renewal or new members donations? Yes, every gift coming to SAM will be matched and help the museum reach their goal for these much needed funds. Donate at: steamboatartmuseum.org/donate

Aspen Colors

I just returned from Steamboat Springs where I taught a plein air workshop. Today we painted in the Aspen trees and I haven't downloaded any of my paintings so I decided to talk about this one that I did on a previous painting trip in Steamboat Springs. The autumn colors were changing and the sunlight coming through the aspens was a beautiful thing to see. Because the aspen trunks are mostly white I used different colors to make painting more challenging and more interesting. Yellow ochre, cobalt violet, cerulean blue, and different grays, found their way into these trees. If I wanted aspens to appear in the background I made them smaller and used the cooler colors cerulean blue, and bl

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