Flight of the Seagulls

In preparation for a painting trip to New England, I studied the watercolor paintings of Philip Jamison.  He lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania and also has a home and studio on Vinalhaven Island.  Two things in particular that I like about Jamison's paintings are the way he creates texture and his use of rich darks.  In this painting, I devoted three quarters of the composition to the foreground so that I could develop texture on the rocky beach.  As you can see, I used spattering, flicking, and fingerprints as well as a sponge loaded with warm earth tones.  Carefully placing transparent colors on top of lighter brushstrokes also added to the texture. The large rocks settle down and look l

Paint The Music

I traveled on a painting trip through Mexico with my mentor, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, and this musician was preforming in a restaurant in San Miguel.  We hired him to model for us the next day and I did a small painting that I later developed into this large painting which is 22 x 30 inches.  I read somewhere that when painting a musician "don't just paint the figure but actually try to paint the music" and that is what I was thinking about when I worked on this painting. His clothing was all hand made and I wanted to show the thickness of the poncho compared to the thin cotton shirt.  This was accomplished by laying down colors with soft edges that created thick folds then softening the ed

Get Lost In Nature

This is a scene in Washington Park, Denver that I have painted before which begs the question "with all the subject matter available, why paint something that you have painted before." It is because I was familiar with this landscape that I wanted to paint it again in a different way by emphasizing different techniques and emotions. This time I concentrated on creating texture with visible brushstrokes and also that wonderful feeling you get when you realize that right here in the city you can take a walk among the trees and get lost in mother nature. This painting was done during a private lesson which means I explained what I was doing step by step. It was rewarding to see my student an

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