History on Broadway

One night when I was teaching at the Art Students League Of Denver it started snowing so, after class, I ran over to the Mayan Theater on Broadway because I thought the storm would create the perfect setting to paint this iconic Denver Landmark.  The lighting from the street lamps and the giant neon sign were even more interesting than I had imagined and, because of the storm, there were only a few cars on Broadway.  As the snow piled up it eliminated details and the atmospheric effects in the night sky were different and interesting to paint. The Mayan Theater opened in 1930 and is one of the country's three remaining theaters designed in the Art Deco Mayan Revival Style.  In the mid 1980's

Fond Memories

On a painting trip to Europe I visited the historic town of Honfleur with its picturesque harbor.  The port is so enchanting that people often forget that it was originally built for trade.  Claude Monet and his mentor Eugene Boudin painted in Honfleur and there is a museum devoted to Eugene Boudin's plein air paintings. The heart of the port is surrounded by handsome row homes that were a status symbol in an earlier time and, today, it is not uncommon to see yachts where commercial ships and fishing boats used to dock.  Cafe's line the walkway in front of the buildings, adding to the activity that inspires plein air painters.  I still remember the Normandy sky that is so gorgeous with its e

Summer's End

I included myself in this picture so that you could get a since of the size of the painting which is 40 x 60 inches.  Every year I do a couple more large flower paintings like this because it is an ongoing series.  If you are ever at Kaiser Hospital in Lone Tree, they have one of these large paintings displayed in their collection. The drawing alone took an entire day and I worked upright on an easel.  For the actual painting, I worked flat on my large drafting table and then put it back on the easel so I could step back and access my progress.  The actual painting took a little over three weeks.  I used my biggest sable brushes as well as some large Isabey brushes which are more like a mo

Gold Fever

I am working on a series of aspen paintings from my recent trip to Steamboat Springs and this is one of the first.  This series will continue through the four seasons and it won't be long before I am painting them in the snow.  Working in a series allows me to relate one painting to another as I explore different lighting conditions, weather, and natural changes brought on by mother nature.  An important thought process in this painting was how I handled edges to show how the aspen trees wove in and out among the golden leaves and dark evergreen background.  There are a variety of ways to create edge quality and, this Friday, October 9th, and again on Friday October 16th, I am teaching a one

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