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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Small Gems #2

Now you have some ideas about how fun it can be to collect art. So, "How do I get started collecting?" Alway purchase original artwork and this can be less expensive than you think. Consider collecting from a living artist which also gives you the thrill of following their career and collecting memorabilia about their life i.e. articles, books, notes, and letters. It is always more meaningful if you have met the artist. Organizing art collections around a theme is a good option. For example, there are many people that collect my plein air paintings. I have a friend who collects paintings of places she has been or places she would enjoy visiting - this keeps her planning trips. Having a theme allows you to relate one painting to the next. It is important to be true to your tastes and trust your instincts. The more you know about the artist and their background, the more connected you will feel to that artist. Be sure to gather biographical and career information about the artist. Any story that the artist can give you about the painting enhances its value. In my next blog which will come in three days, I will share how you can afford to collect artwork.

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