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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton


I choose this painting from my large floral collection because I can't look at it without smiling. Wild roses have their own special essence. They are beautiful and classic flowers that inspire poets, writers, composers, and artists. In watercolor painting, the white of the paper is used instead of white paint so I had to carefully work around the roses. Depth and modeling were created with light shades of cobalt violet, lemon yellow, cerulean blue, and orange. I rearranged the branches so that they moved inward like the spokes of a wheel and directed the viewers eye. Turning a flat piece of watercolor paper into a painting full of depth is always a challenge so I painted some of the leaves in sunlight and others in deep shadow and used lots of overlapping. Gardens are so full of green I like to add accent colors that aren't really there so look for the pinks, blues, reds and violets. This painting hangs in my studio where I can enjoy it every day and I am sending it to you to celebrate the holidays. Happy Painting! Dennis

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