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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

“The Oxford Hotel Lobby” Painting

This is the first day of my blog “Watercolor paintings and sketches by Dennis Pendleton” so welcome.

I will post to this blog weekly and you can receive blog updates and news by subscribing.

“The Oxford Hotel Lobby” The Oxford is a beautiful hotel in downtown Denver and the traditional furnishings with the wingback chairs and leather sofa made for an interesting composition. There was no one in a good location when I was there so I added the figure. I was intrigued with how the two lamps lit up the room and created cast shadows on the floor. These cast shadows merged into one shape that helped settle the composition and added to the quiet repose that I was after. Scouting around downtown Denver for interesting interiors has become a favorite pastime of mine and it is just one more fun thing about being an artist.

“The Oxford Hotel Lobby” Painting

The Oxford Hotel Lobby, 9 × 11"


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