Taos Workshop Watercolor Painting

Every Spring I teach a watercolor workshop in Taos New Mexico and this painting was done at one of our favorite painting locations. It is a little town outside of Taos with lots of things to paint and an ice cream parlor that makes the most delicious lunches. I have studied this scene many times over the years trying to decide the best angle to paint from and finally decided on this location. In spite of the tombstone I did not want this to be a sad or melancholy painting so I filled the church yard with yellow and white dandelions and basked the scene in afternoon sunlight. This painting is full of Symbolism and I leave it to the viewer to decide their own ideas and feelings with the fu

Portrait Class Watercolor Painting

This portrait was painted during the last meeting of my portrait workshop at the Art Students League of Denver. The model was a delightful girl with big eyes and a very light complexion. One of the students set the pose and having the models hand casually pressed against her cheek made the pose more interesting and challenging. As I’m typing this the portrait looked a little washed out until I tipped my computer screen back. I had a limited time of less than two hours for the drawing and painting but once I started working I forgot about the time. I was rather far from the model so I had to adjust the drawing several time before I was satisfied and could start painting. In watercolor y

Quiet Afternoon Venice Watercolor Painting

Starting on September 12 I am teaching a class titled “Paint Venice With Dennis” at the Art Students League of Denver. It will give me a chance to use all the photo’s that I have taken in Venice over the years as well as the masks from Winter Carnival and other things that I have collected on painting trips to that beautiful city. This painting was done from one of the many bridges that cross the canals and add to the ambiance of Venice. Standing on that bridge I was captivated as the colors in the canal changed due to the changing sunlight. Venice is the perfect place to wander and be delighted by all the different things that you would never see anywhere else. One afternoon I watched

Portrait Demonstration Watercolor Painting

I am currently teaching a watercolor portrait class at the Art Students League of Denver and this is a painting that I did as a demonstration for the class. I had been emphasizing using more color in portraits to make them more interesting. Rather than simply painting the models dark hair black, I used blue indigo, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, and burnt sienna with bold brush strokes that allowed the colors to mix on the paper. She had an interesting complexion and I used olive green on the underside of her nose and where her neck was in shadow. I painted the tip of her nose red, the shadow under her lower lip cobalt violet, and used warm and cool colors around her eye and I did all t

The Market Larimar Square Watercolor Painting

Last Sunday, July 31, my Urban Sketchers Workshop met inside the market in Larimar Square in downtown Denver. The market is a wonderful place for artists with all the activity, old general store ambiance and delicious food. We all did several sketches and it is really fun to see how everyone is improving. This painting, along with other sketches and photo’s, will probably lead to a larger studio painting that will include a lot more of the market. With the old cafe tables and chairs, dessert cabinets, blue awnings, lamps, shelves full of colorful canisters and packages, and all the people talking, laughing and reading there is always an abundance of subject matter. It is a pleasure to h

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