Large Florals 

Watercolor paintings of large florals by Dennis Pendleton, a local watercolor artist and instructor in Denver, Colorado. Click on the images below to to see the full paintings.

Flower Painting
Watercolor 40X60 unframed, $7000
Harmony in Violet, Blue and Green
Watercolor 48X68 framed, $8000
Rhapsody in Pink, Violet and Green
Watercolor, 40×55″, SOLD
Harmony In Pink and Green
Watercolor 48×68″ framed, SOLD
Rhapsody In Blue and Violet
Watercolor 40×60″ unframed, $7000
Watercolor 48×68″ framed, SOLD
Wild Roses
Watercolor 37X51 unframed, $6000
Sunflowers From The Artists Garden
Watercolor, 33×38″ framed, $3500
Midnight In The Artists Garden
Watercolor, 40×60″, SOLD
White and Yellow Iris
Watercolor, 40×55″ unframed, $7000
Watercolor 40X60″ unframed, $7000
White Orchids
Watercolor, framed 30×38″, SOLD
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