Online Watercolor Classes - Private Classes with Artist Dennis Pendleton - Learn to paint at home!
Take an Online Watercolor Class with Artist Dennis Pendleton
Online Watercolor Classes - Private Classes with Artist Dennis Pendleton and learn to paint in watercolor!

Online Watercolor Workshops

Take Online Watercolor Workshops at home using Zoom!

Are you getting bored with your artwork?  Do you miss the excitement of making a big step forward? Just want to paint more? In Dennis Pendleton’s one-day workshops, you will take a deep dive into a single concept that challenges you to push past your limits.  By zeroing-in on a key topic, Dennis teaches practical exercises and painting tips that focus on stretching your skills and knowledge.  For the more experienced artist, his informative, inspirational, and comprehensive workshops cover quite a bit of ground and provide an engaging roadmap for your artistic development.  Past workshop topics include Color, Shape, Edges, and Painting Loose.  Sharing his insights and wisdom from a lifetime of painting, Dennis makes things easy to understand and helps you achieve tangible results.  Learn more than you ever thought possible and set yourself up to paint with more confidence by signing up for an upcoming Online One-Day Watercolor Workshop with Dennis Pendleton.

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Painting the Italian Coastline in Watercolor

Adult Course | Online Class using Zoom (4 classes)

Medium: Painting | Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced

Instructor(s): Pendleton, Dennis

Date: Jun 7 - Jun 28, 2022 | ONLINE ZOOM CLASS

Time:  1:00 - 3:30 PM MDT

Member Price: $170.00

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The Painting Laboratory: Cloudy Skies with Character

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“I felt energized and the time just flew by.
It was a great experience.”

- Pam B.


“I really liked how much information you crammed into the time we had.  It sure went fast.  The way you talk about the concept, demo it, and then have us do it is a very effective teaching technique.” 
- Mary J.

Online Watercolor Workshop with Artist Dennis Pendleton - via Zoom
Online Watercolor Workshop with Dennis Pendleton - Landscapes, Still Lifes, People, Composition

The Painting Laboratory: 
Cloudy Skies with Character

Friday, April 15th, 2022
10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. • One=Day ONLINE Workshop


Thinking deeply about a subject makes for better art.  This new series of workshops delves into a particular subject, concept or idea in depth more than the class setting.  You will practice ways to grow an original idea into something more refined and expansive.  To build momentum, there are exercises to develop creative direction so you know where to start before really digging into the painting project.  This lab format offers you the structure to stretch, to be curious, and to grow.  For our next session, let us investigate painting cloudy skies inspired by the ultimate art gallery just above.

Clouds do not need to look like cotton balls pasted to the paper.  In this workshop, you will explore clouds thoroughly as you learn how to represent different cloud patterns and sky colors.  The sky's the limit when you give your imagination full rein inventing clouds of all types!

You will be receiving a workbook in the mail that you can use for future reference.  The workshop is limited to 8 - 10 people to ensure a positive Zoom experience.


Class registration: $125.00
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Online Watercolor Classes

Take Online Watercolor Classes at home using Zoom!

Dennis Pendleton teaches Watercolor classes and workshops throughout the year in Denver, Colorado and beyond. If you are interested in having Dennis teach an online Watercolor Class, Private Lesson or Online Watercolor Workshop, contact Dennis. Dennis also teaches Watercolor Classes regularly at the Art Students League of Denver, and also offers Private Watercolor Lessons »

Online Watercolor Classes via Zoom:
As your painting coach, Dennis Pendleton understands the creative spirit and he will keep your artistic energy humming along.  Private online watercolor lessons help you develop as you practice lesson after lesson aimed specifically for your skills, talents, and challenges.  Whether you are a serious hobbyist, aspiring artist, just starting your artistic journey or looking to reinvigorate your artwork, get motivated with artistic guidance from Dennis.  After identifying your specific wants and needs, he nurtures your own visual identity by giving you things to think about, ideas to try, and step-by-step exercises to elevate you to the next level.  In addition to painting, Dennis introduces you to different artists as you study their masterworks.  He shares insights from his personal experience and his zest for watercolor painting.  If you are willing to create the space to thrive, invest in yourself, and sign up for Online Private Watercolor Lessons with Dennis Pendleton, your artistic journey will move forward on a new and rewarding path.


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Three 90 Minute Lessons  -  $275

Five 90 Minute Lessons  -  $385

Online Watercolor Class with Denver Artist Dennis Pendleton
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“Dennis has a way to take the most complicated concepts and distill  them into something everybody can understand.  I realize I found answers to some questions I had for ages and could never figure out on my own.” Jeanya C.

Online Watercolor Classes - Private Classes with Artist Dennis Pendleton

“I really liked how much information you crammed into the time we had.  It sure went fast.  The way you talk about the concept demo it, and then have us do it is a very effective teaching technique.”  

- Mary Jones

“My favorite part of these online Watercolor Workshops is the friendly group critiques where we can view everyone else's work and talk about our ideas, problems, and successes. It's so fun to have a group of fellow artists to get inspired by!” - Idelle F.