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Student Testimonials

“Being on your email list and receiving your emails with beautiful paintings is a great perk.  Learning the colors and techniques you used always gives me ideas. Thanks Dennis”

~ Nancy Perricone


“This workshop has been a life changing week for me and you are a great teacher.”  
~ Jane Harrington


“Dennis, this has been a truly wonderful workshop for learning and connection.  Thank you so much for helping me turn the corner.”
~ Rosemary Wrzos

“Thanks for the excellent instruction and memories.”  
~ Louise Burton

Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

“Dennis, this has been a fantastic workshop.  So much learning and great camaraderie with the group.”  
~ Donna Sorensen


 “Dennis, thank you so much for sharing this adventure with all of us.  The Mabel Dodge Luhan House was a wonderful place for the workshop.”
Pippa Hambidge


“Loved every minute of this class and the teaching.  Thank you so much!”
Rosemary Lohndorf


“Dennis, It was so great learning from you.  I loved the Evening Salon.”  
~ Susannah VanDyke


“What a gift you have given me.  Been a great week!”
~ Elaine Riley

Online Watercolor Classes Testimonials
Online Watercolor Classes with Dennis Pendleton - Testimonials
Online Watercolor Classes with Dennis Pendleton - learn watercolor via Zoom!


“Dennis is a great teacher and chooses fun pictures to paint that teach important principals about watercolor painting.  He is personable and cares about his students and really helps us improve our skills. I love the variety of classes he teaches and they keep me painting. He also has many tips about products such as brushes, paper and paint colors that are helpful.” 
~ Suzanne McNitt


“Thank You for teaching me to love watercolor.”  

~ Katherine Stuart


"Thank You for a great workshop.  I really enjoyed it and will be practicing.”
~ Monique Moore


Zoom Watercolor Workshop Testimonial:

“I really liked how much information you crammed into the time we had.  It sure went fast.  The way you talk about the concept demo it, and then have us do it is a very effective teaching technique.”  
~ Mary Jones


“My objective in taking your class was to learn how to paint scenery in watercolor in plein air, and I did.  Your instruction and tips where extremely helpful.  It was three days in heaven on earth for me.  I am still smiling from it.  Looking forward to your next watercolor workshop.” 
~ Susan Schupp 


Watercolor Salon Testimonial
“I am learning so much in this mentor group.  I am very grateful.”
~ Earlene Dal Pozzo

Watercolor Salon Testimonial
The Salon experience offered by Dennis Pendleton is a dive into the world of watercolor art that surpasses a class.  The year long study has helped me understand art in a way that I had not expected.  Seeing and learning the various techniques that make watercolor such a wonderful medium has created new possibilities for me in my art journey.  The Watercolor Salon has been the best gift that I have given myself in a long time.”  
~ Elaine Riley


“Dennis you have a way to take the most complicated concepts and distill them into something everybody can understand.  I realize I found answers to some questions I had for ages and could never figure out on my own.  Thank You again.  Looking forward to the next workshop.” 
~ Jeanya Charles

“Nobody can come close to you in the giant flower theme.  So glad I got to see some of the originals when I lived in Denver.”  


Watercolor Workshop Testimonial:

“Dennis is a wonderful laid back instructor who provides the perfect amount of instruction, tips and critiques that has inspired me to paint watercolor as often as I can.  I loved the Taos Watercolor Workshop I was lucky enough to attend, which were full of days of painting in plain air with inspiring critiques at the end of each day.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a week than painting all day every day with other artists.”
~ Idelle Fisher


Watercolor Salon Testimonial:
“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the salon and what I have found is lessons and discussions that have broadened my art knowledge and watercolor expertise.  Dennis has detailed lesson plans that keep you engaged while you learn.  I can certainly say that I have progressed with my art this year.” 
~Rosemary Lohndorf


Watercolor Salon Testimonial:
“I have taken several watercolor classes form Dennis Pendleton over the years and have always found them to be positive, valuable experiences.  However his mentor groups are truly outstanding.  In these groups, Dennis provides excellent instruction to move each individual forward as an artist.  Having a consistent group of artists meet together over a  one year period really makes a huge difference.  The Salon members support each other and bonds form as each members unique talent and style flourishes.  I would definitely recommend partiscipating in one of Dennis’s mentor groups.
~ Happy Watercolor Salon member

Online Watercolor Classes Testimonials - Learn to paint at home!
Online Watercolor Classes with Dennis Pendleton
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