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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Ancient Spirits Watercolor Painting

Ever since art school at The Ohio State University I have been fascinated by the ancient cave paintings in Southern France and Spain. They represent the beginning of the art spirit and their beauty and draftsmanship is astonishing. I have been working on this series for years and I try to create the same movement and mystery that exists in the original cave paintings. I have developed a process for these paintings that includes, monotype printing, watercolor and pastel on textured handmade paper that is challenging and unpredictable. My goal is not to copy these ancient images but rather to study them and then create my own paintings with similar movement and texture. I actually visited some of the caves in Southern France and saw some of the original paintings and to this day I still wander about their true meaning and marvel at their compelling beauty.

Ancient Spirits Watercolor Painting

“Untitled – #IMG_4575 Mixed media – SOLD

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