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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

What a Great Deal !

One person has dropped out of my Taos In Watercolor Workshop because of a medical emergency so I am making a special one time offer. If anyone joins the workshop by May 10th, I will give a $75 cash bonus. So, if you want to join the workshop or refer a friend who joins, email me as soon as possible. There is also a strong possibility that the new person could ride down and back with a current member of the workshop if they desire. This is also open to you and a friend so you each would get the $75 cash bonus. What a great deal!

Now, as an enticement to the workshop, I will talk about the painting above which was done as a demonstration in Taos. This is an abandoned adobe next to the famous Ranchos de Taos historic Church-San Francisco de Asis. Everyone paints the iconic church and yet year after year I have been attracted to these old abandoned adobe homes. The dark trees and branches set off the the lighter colors of the adobe and the one little window added a point of interest. The cast shadows on the right wall give the painting a sense of light and shadow. Cobalt violet and yellow ochre were the main colors in the adobe. The background trees were olive green with little bits of lemon yellow and the olive was also repeated in the foreground grass. The older structures made with the original adobe bricks always have softer lines which bend and crack and add rhythm to the composition. Every year I return to this spot to see how much more they have decayed and if I can get one more painting out of them.

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