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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Small Gems #1

As someone who has been an artist for my entire life and taught art classes for 30 years, I often get the question, "Why should I collet art?" Much pleasure can be gained from finding that "rare" painting, especially if you can pick it up for a bargain price. Owning art is a creative process in itself. But, how do you know what to buy? First and foremost, you collect art because you love and resonate with it. There are many other benefits too. Paintings you purchase can inspire your creative side. You can reveal and express your personality. Many of you are already painting and attend workshops with artists you admire. This presents the opportunity to collect works that you saw created. I personally own a watercolor painting by my mentor and it is the star of my collection. You should also collect a work of art that inspires you and that you can learn from. In my next blog which will come in three days, I will discuss how to begin or continue collecting artwork.

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