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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Capturing Sunlight

This painting was done several years ago in Steamboat Springs Colorado and looking at it again brings back some wonderful memories. The cattle were curious as I walked up to take their pictures and I had a good time recreating their expressions. One of my main concerns was capturing the sunlight as it filtered through the treetops. I used warmer yellow greens for the leaves with a few cool accents of blue green. In the foreground grasses I used cooler colors with a few warm accents. The aspens are a combination of white paper, yellow ocher, warm gray, violet, and cerulean blue. When I first painted this I was not satisfied with the foreground so I wiped it out with a wet sponge and then scraped off the colors with a razor blade. This left lighter bits of color which I incorporated into the final version. In my second attempt I was able to simplify this area with bolder washes and fewer details. The warm colors in the cow hides are a combination of yellow ochre and burnt sienna and their faces are a combination of white paper, yellow ochre, cerulean blue, and cobalt violet. I am teaching a plein air workshop in Steamboat Springs on August 15, 16 & 17 so if you are interested send me an email to or contact the Steamboat Art Museum. Also there is still time to join my Denver Botanic Gardens Workshop on August 2, 3 & 4. and the price is $90 for one day, $160 for two days and $210 for all three days. To join or get more information on the Botanic Gardens Workshop send me an email to Happy Painting!

Dennis Pendleton

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