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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Talking Paintings - Small Gems I

Do you know why a painting speaks to you? Initially you are captivated by the visual power. Whether or not you have been to a location like Venice, an artist can take you there vicariously as you share the experience. Painters make deliberate decisions to convey feeling and meaning in their work. For the painting, "Afternoon In Venice," I created a melancholy mood as much by what I left out as what I included. The reflections in the water and the absence of people add to the feeling of solitude. A plein air painting can also speak to you because it represents the artist's first impression. There is a spontaneity and sense of place and weather that comes from working on location. Another reason a painting allures you may be because you follow the artist and may have even taken a class or workshop with them. Even more connection happens by personally knowing the artist and being attracted to their style. These are all reasons that explain how a painting can talk to you. Another point of interest is how a painting can tell a story and that is the topic of my next email in three days. Happy Painting! Dennis Pendleton

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