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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Victorian Interior

The Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver serves High Tea in the afternoon and I found this scene irresistible. I actually asked the waiter not to clear the dishes from the table in front until I was finished with my pencil sketches and photo's. The title of this painting is Conversation At High Tea and the focal point is the actual conversation between the three ladies. Including the table in front with the white dishes creates an intimacy for the figures because they are surrounded by the things that make the Brown Palace famous like tall cut glass lamps, large plants, antique furniture, white dishes, and three tier desert trays. The biggest challenge for me when painting interiors is focusing in on one area. This painting shows only one small part of the Brown Palace Interior. Also, notice that the figures are explained by their gestures alone and no facial features. This painting is featured in my up-coming book My Brush With Denver. In just a few weeks, the opportunity to join other artists and improve your painting skills will be at the Art Students League of Denver when they present my new schedule. If you have taken any classes in the past, including introduction to watercolor, my new classes listed below could be the next step on your artistic journey in the new year. To register, contact ASLD.

Phone: 303-778-6990 or Website:

NEW! Step-By-Step Floral Still-Life in Watercolor

Ability: All

Tuesdays, Jan 14 - Feb 25 6-9PM

$294 for 7-week workshop Materials fee: $7

Painting a still-life with flowers just got a whole lot simpler. Learn to use basic shapes and bright juicy colors as you work with linking objects and direct painting. Explore ways to direct the viewer's eye as you make flowers the stars of your still-life. Introductory watercolor experience needed.

NEW! Foundations of the Landscape in Watercolor

Ability: All

Mondays, Feb 3 - 24 1-4PM

$168 for 4-week workshop Materials fee: $5

Lay the groundwork for constructing the landscape painting with a good plan. In this skill-building workshop, learn how to divide the space, simplify shapes, create a value sketch, distinguish warm from cool colors, and explore soft and hard edges. Get on the ground floor of landscape painting. Reference material provided. Introductory watercolor experience needed.

Introduction to Painting in Watercolor

Ability: Beginner

Session A: Mondays, Jan 13 - Feb 24 6-9PM

$294 for 7-week workshop

Get started with the fundamentals of watercolor painting, learning how to choose the right papers, paints, and brushes. Study the color wheel, practice mixing colors and learn about value as you explore techniques in direct painting, wet-on-wet, dry brush, and washes. You will be painting still-lifes by the end of the class.

Happy Painting! Dennis Pendleton

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