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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Adobe in Taos New Mexico

This is a painting I did at the workshop I teach in Taos New Mexico. After I set up and started painting it got really windy so the students stood next to me and blocked out the wind long enough for me to finish. I was so engrossed in the painting I didn’t notice how really close they were and because I was surrounded there was no way I could back up to see how the painting was coming along. As if the wind wasn’t bad enough it started raining before I was finished but I persisted and was happy with the results. I was reminded of a quote by the artist Chen Chi “Don’t ask yourself if this is the best painting you have ever done, simply ask if it is the best you can do that day. If the answer is yes you should be happy.” Painting on location is often challenging because of the weather but it is always a learning experience.

Adobe in Taos New Mexico Watercolor Painting


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