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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Beachfront Paradise

Watercolor Painting by Dennis Pendleton. This time of year we get more snow in Denver and the mountains as Winter struggles to ward off Spring and this painting makes me long for the warm weather and sandy beaches of Mexico. I was in Puerto Vallarta with a friend and we hired a guide who took us in a boat to this little village where the jungle came right down to the beach. It is just south of where they filmed Night of The Iguana with Richard Burton. No road goes there and it can only be reached by boat. There are no doubt trails through the jungle for the locals but gringo's can only reach it with a guide.

It was quiet and friendly, no vendors allowed, and this painting shows our approach from the ocean. The water was a beautiful emerald green and I used a mixture of olive green and cerulean blue. We whiled away the afternoon on the beach and I was able to do some sketching and take photo's. The base of the palm trees were painted white to ward off insects and, along with the boats and sign board, I used unpainted white paper with an occasional light wash of color to show light and shadow. The thick unspoiled jungle was beautiful with its different shades of olive green, ultramarine blue, and perylene green which complimented the red metal roof on the stone shelter. The beach was white sand and the stone walls and steps looked like a natural part of the landscape. Under the dark blue awning there were authentic Mexican crafts for sale and behind that a charming little restaurant with delicious local dishes. There weren't any menus, we were just served what had been prepared fresh and it was divine.

Our guide reappeared when we were ready to leave and, as our boat pulled out, I remember looking back and thinking this was a little piece of paradise that time forgot. Maybe I'll have Mexican food for dinner. Happy Painting! Dennis

This painting "Mexican Village" is 16 x 18 framed with a single mat and carved gold frame.

The price is $650. Contact


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