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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

City Rhythm Watercolor Painting

“City Rhythm”  Watercolor, 22×30″, Private Collection

“City Rhythm” Watercolor, 22×30″, Private Collection

Occasionally I like to work from memories and my imagination and that is how I created this city scape. It started as a monotype then I worked on it with watercolor and pastel. I chose a toned paper because it helped to create a somber mood which reminded me of a city at dusk. I attempted to work directly without changes or corrections as I intertwined the three mediums and welcomed happy accidents. I wanted the jumble of buildings to drop down to the crowd of pedestrians and taxi’s on the street most of which are suggested by simple marks of color. When I daydream I see city’s like this and it is fun to paint them without the restrictions imposed by a particular location. I lived in Chicago for two years and I have visited Manhattan several times and no doubt the memories of those cities influenced this painting.

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