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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Denver Botanic Gardens Watercolor Painting Workshop

There was a Henry Moore sculpture show at Botanic Gardens in Denver and it was an exciting time for painting on location and I did this painting as a demonstration for a workshop. I was sitting down so I had a low vantage point and I was right on top of the flowers. When painting outside I have to work quickly because of the changing light and I think this creates a freshness to the work that I don’t always get in the studio. Capturing my first impression is always a goal and I don’t take the time to “correct” or redo anything. All the sculptures were gigantic and this reclining figure was about 10 feet long. I have been a fan of Henry Moore ever since I studied his work in art school at The Ohio State University and I spent many days that summer painting in the gardens.

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Denver Botanic Gardens Watercolor Painting Workshop

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