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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

LeDoux Street Taos New Mexico

Ledoux Street in Taos New Mexico is a tiny one way street with lots of examples of the old traditional adobe architecture. The sunlight and shadow on this adobe wall was stunning and I could hardly wait to start painting. I used the dark greens of the overhanging tree branches to show off the sunlight and shadow and then I used rich colors in the cast shadows. This area of the high desert is known for its sunlight and that is one of the things that attracted the early artists. Some of the those artists had homes and studios on LeDoux Street which are now wonderfully restored. Taos has been an art colony for over 100 years and there is an art supply store at the end of this charming street. When I look at this now it takes me back to that day and how much fun we had in the workshop.

LeDoux Street Taos New Mexico Watercolor Painting


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