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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Show Time

Watercolor Painting by Dennis Pendleton. I am proud to announce that I am having a one man show on October 21st and this is one of the paintings that will be for sale. It will be my first one man show in ten years and I am really excited to display paintings that I have been saving for an opportunity like this. The venue will be a private home in Denver and the address will be announced at a later date.

I have painted this subject before but this time the composition is different and I decided to do it in autumn colors. I also changed to a rough 300 lb. watercolor paper to get different textures, edges and color mixing. That one sheet of watercolor paper was $22.00 and it was a joy to paint on. I believe the watercolor paper is the painters most important tool, even more than paints and brushes. In this composition, I decided to crowd some of the aspen trees in the foreground overlapping the middle ground and background. Along with the distant trees, it creates a real feeling of depth on a flat sheet of paper. The texture provided by the rough paper is visible in the rest of the foreground where you can see skipping paint from the dry brush technique, spattering, and colors mixing on the paper.

The faces of the cows are the focal point and yet you can see how the aspen trees, in their fall colors, seem to be competing for attention. I used lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, and transparent yellow for the aspen leaves and then switched to the warm colors of burnt sienna, orange and cadmium yellow for the foreground. The aspen trees are unpainted white paper with the addition of light washes of cobalt violet, yellow ochre, and gray mixed with cerulean blue and red. The cows faces are the same white paper and colors used in the trees with a little more emphasis on cerulean blue and cobalt violet. Perylene green and olive green were used for the rich darks between the distant trees and the very tops of the trees are olive green with yellow leaves sprinkled in. Mark October 21st on your calendar and more information with be forthcoming about my show in future emails. Happy Painting! Dennis Pendleton


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