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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Snow on 15th St. Denver Watercolor Painting

When we get a snowstorm in Denver that sticks to the trees, lamp posts, and everything else, I grab my camera and sketch book and head downtown. Winter cityscapes make exciting subject matter and a blanket of snow really helps to simplify the composition. The big building on the left is the old public service building and at night it lights up in the most beautiful way. I chose this vantage point because I could balance the public service building with the lamp post and snow covered tree on the right. I enjoy painting snow because it reflects the colors around it and I can use the pastel colors on my palette and lots of soft edges. I saved most of the rich colors, value changes, and details for the middle ground where I painted the shops, cars, taxi’s, and the bus then I used the tire tracks in the foreground to lead your eye into the painting. We never know when the first snow of the season will come to Denver but I will be ready with my camera, sketchbook and snow boots.

Snow on 15th St. Denver Watercolor Painting


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