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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

Still Life With Lilacs Watercolor Painting

I enjoy painting still lifes because I can choose the objects, the arrangement, and the lighting and then work on colors, values, shapes and edges for whatever time frame I choose. I chose these objects because of their bright colors and interesting shapes. I probably spent as much time on the drawing as I did on the painting but I have always loved drawing so I didn’t mind. I used the cast shadow shapes to connect the objects and hold the painting together and I tried to get the colors and values right on the first try to keep the painting from looking overworked. I am scheduled to do a three day watercolor still life workshop in September so if you are interested send me an email or contact the Louisville Art Association.

“Still Life With Lilacs, Cereal and Fruit” Watercolor, 22×30″ unframed, $1800


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