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Denver Watercolor Class Teacher Dennis Pendleton

The Market Larimar Square Watercolor Painting

Last Sunday, July 31, my Urban Sketchers Workshop met inside the market in Larimar Square in downtown Denver. The market is a wonderful place for artists with all the activity, old general store ambiance and delicious food. We all did several sketches and it is really fun to see how everyone is improving. This painting, along with other sketches and photo’s, will probably lead to a larger studio painting that will include a lot more of the market. With the old cafe tables and chairs, dessert cabinets, blue awnings, lamps, shelves full of colorful canisters and packages, and all the people talking, laughing and reading there is always an abundance of subject matter. It is a pleasure to hang out in a place where people actually talk to each other rather rather than sit and stare at their iPhones. I painted this on Winsor & Newton 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper which I once liked very much. Some time ago Winsor & Newton changed the formula and now the paper is miserable to work on. I think I will use the few pieces of this paper that I have left for something other than painting like maybe paper airplanes. To see another painting I did of the market go to my website and click on portfolio then click on interiors.

The Market Larimar Square Watercolor Painting


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