Aspen Days Watercolor Painting

Driving between Steamboat Springs and Aspen Colorado you cross Gore Pass and that is where I spotted the cattle grazing in the shade of the aspen trees. This was an exciting subject with the sunlight streaming through the trees and the cows were quite curious when I walked up with my camera. The white aspens afforded me the chance to use pastel colors like cobalt violet and rose dore then I used rich darks such as perylene green and indigo in the deep parts of the forest. Warm greens in the tops of the trees were contrasted with cool greens in the tall grass and painting some of the aspen trees from the bottom border to the top border gave a nice depth to the painting. Most of all I was

Ray Charles Watercolor Painting

I have always been a big Ray Charles fan and when I was an art student at The Ohio State University I saw him live several times when he preformed in downtown Columbus. I found a painting of him on one of my old C D’s and decided to paint this portrait. I chose to use yupo paper which is very different to work on because the paint does not soak into the paper. The colors move around and react with each other in the strangest way but I love the richness of the colors as they dry on this strange paper. The truth is, in spite of the name, it isn’t paper at all but actually a sheet of plastic. I loved using all the different colors in this portrait and I had to learn to live with some of th

Ancient Spirits Watercolor Painting

Ever since art school at The Ohio State University I have been fascinated by the ancient cave paintings in Southern France and Spain. They represent the beginning of the art spirit and their beauty and draftsmanship is astonishing. I have been working on this series for years and I try to create the same movement and mystery that exists in the original cave paintings. I have developed a process for these paintings that includes, monotype printing, watercolor and pastel on textured handmade paper that is challenging and unpredictable. My goal is not to copy these ancient images but rather to study them and then create my own paintings with similar movement and texture. I actually visite

Night Cafe Revisited Watercolor Painting

This is the cafe in Arles where Vincent Van Gogh did his famous painting “Night Cafe.” I looked it up when I was in Provence and it is maintained just the way it was in Van Gogh’s painting. The only difference is the wooden and metal french cafe chairs have been replaced by white plastic chairs. I took the liberty of painting in the old cafe chairs similar to the chairs in Van Gogh’s painting. The cafe is crowded with tourists these days but I was able to get a few photo’s and do a few quick sketches from the same vantage point where Van Gogh painted his masterpiece. The night lighting is beautiful and the way it illuminates the colors of Provence is magical. In this painting I tried t

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